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Bike Workshop & Repairs

Bike Servicing & Repairs

Our fully equipped Cytech approved workshop, here at Moons Cycles, is ready to service or repair your bike, whatever the make, to a high standard.

Check out the guide prices below or if you can’t find what you need then please contact us for a quote:-

Basic Service £36

inc VAT (plus any parts)

We will check, secure and adjust:-

  • Gears and brakes including disc brakes
  • Headset and bottom bracket bearings.
  • All nuts and bolts inc the bars and seat.
  • We will then clean the bike.
  • Does not include price of parts if required.

Overhaul £75

inc VAT (plus any parts)

Your bike will be stripped to its “bare bones” and then clean and degrease the frame. Bottom bracket threads will be cleaned and “chased”. Wheel bearings will be cleaned, greased, refitted and adjusted, and the same for the headset bearings. We will replace all the cables and rebuild the bike so it’s almost “as good as new!”.

This is a very comprehensive service.

Suspension Servicing

This is a separate service and please email or call us on 01473 464 611 for a quote.

Safety Check £22.50

inc VAT

We check the bike is safe to be ridden and roadworthy. We will check and adjust gears and brakes as best as we can for the parts that are fitted. No parts will be fitted unless you think it’s really necessary and you will ALWAYS be called first.

Mechanical Brake Service £12.50

inc VAT (plus any parts)

Service and set up of brakes.

Hydraulic Brake Service £14.50 per Caliper

inc VAT (and brake fluid)

Check and Bleed the hydraulic brake replace pads if necessary

Gear Service £12.50

inc VAT (plus any parts)

Service and set up of drive train including clean and lube.

Puncture repair £10

inc VAT (including new tube)

Remove wheel and replace tube checking for the sharp thing! Refit wheel and adjust gears and brakes as necessary.

Puncture repair (wheel only) £7.99

inc VAT (including new tube)

Wheel Truing £12.50

inc VAT (per wheel – plus any spokes)

Also Wheel Building £25.00

inc VAT (labour – spokes extra)

Free Estimates are available on all repairs and all prices INCLUDE VAT.

Please be aware that this is a guide price list only and the prices shown are subject to change occasionally. However we try our best to minimize these changes as much as we can.